Modern Fairytale at The Ivory


Hidden in the leafy streets of Elsternwick, prepare to bring your modern day fairytale to life at this Georgian-style wedding venue, known as The Ivory. Its prerogative? Rich, timeless romance, hosted across three unique spaces, ready for you to fall in love all over again. 


From the moment you first step into the venue, be greeted by an enchanting modern romance story. The Rose Garden Terrace offers a unique outdoor space that is primed to host nuptials and elegant portraits, embracing you in wisteria, fresh roses, and a plethora of natural sunlight. There is no spot more romantic than this. 


Be swept away by the Ballroom, a lovers ultimate event space that offers crisp walls, round tables, a spacious dance floor, and a plethora of room to add your own unique touches. While it exudes glamour and charm, you have the ability to make it your own and breathe personality into the space by adding unique details and pops of colour throughout to bring it to life even more – there is no limit to how you can transform this space.


The crisp white walls are easily paired with soft pastel shades of pink, peach and lilac, with earthy tones scattered throughout for contrast. Soft-toned florals can be placed in the centre of each guest table, and line the front of the wedding party table to showcase your entourage, while custom signage and stationery created by The Goodsmiths will showcase these pastels to create a never before seen aesthetic bound to wow guests. Round tables are effortlessly transformed with the help of elegant linens and fabrics that provide texture and ambience, surrounding the dance floor where your guests will no doubt spend all night dancing and celebrating your love story. This palette absolutely encapsulates the modern fairytale aesthetic that is adored by so many lovers, and is truly unforgettable. 


If bold and bright is the key to your heart, then the simple features throughout the venue just beg to be explored! There’s nothing quite like deep shades of magenta and red, as well as bright pink, being highlighted against white and beige to add new life to a space. Opt for lush blooms from Anatomy of Flowers that encompass shades of the rainbow that you had never considered before, complimenting the hues seen in the outdoor rose garden, and bringing that picturesque feel into the reception. Eye catching signage, stunning tapered candles, and menus with wow factor, all including these striking shades of red, pink, yellow, and even blue, will add to the daring design of your most special day and create designs that are almost too good to be true.


For something more classic and sleek, delve into the all white tones displayed by the venue and add a pop of black, letting a monochromatic feel take over the ballroom. The addition of gold accents throughout will add to the grandeur and sophistication of The Ivory, and this is made simple through using gold cutlery, vases and candle holders. Go a step further by inviting guests to wear black tie attire only, taking part in an epic monochrome moment that will be as classy as it is iconic!


The Ivory is as versatile as it is beautiful, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your dream space to tie the knot. The team of world class suppliers will work with you to bring each and every aspect of vision alive in the space, showcasing your modern romance story in a timeless fashion. Want to know more about saying ‘I do’ at The Ivory, get in touch!

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